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John Hanson


Thanks – Ran the trouble-shooter on the PDF printer and it wants to make the PDF printer the default
Last thing I want! And I don’t want to keep changing the default printer

Checking the printers the FH PDF one wasn’t listed
So un-installed the printer from control panel (as recommended in the KB) and re-installed from the link there which still appears to be the current version of Nova
Works fine other than it wanting to get me to re-start my machine which is totally un-necessary and all now working
We will see how long for!

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This error crops up very occasionally, although I have not heard of it occurring with V7.   The FHUG Knowledge Base has a reference to it in this page  in the paragraph headed "Save As PDF File Output is Not Enabled" .  It looks as if this page has not yet been updated for V7 but hopefully one of the suggestions will work.


On 07/04/2021 22:58, John Hanson wrote:

I am trying to save a diagram to a PDF file in FH7 (something that I have rarely done) and I keep getting a message to say that “PDF file output is not enabled” and there is no help button to say “how to enable”

I have searched high and low on every menu I can find and cannot see anywhere that will enable me to save to the file


Am I missing the obvious?



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