Re: FInding an individual on a diagram

John Hanson


Sorry but I thought that option was still there is version 6 – I am on FH7 but was certain that “find a person in diagram” was there in version 6
It might well have been on one of the other menu options and they do change depending on the where you focus is at the time
With FH7 whilst I might have a diagram/chart open unless the focus is on that the diagram menu option does not appear



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Many thanks. However, when I haev the diagram up I cannot see "Find in Diagram" on the Menu.Or am I doing something wrong. Ctrl-H gets me to Select Records but I can find no way of getting from there to the diagram highlighting the correct individual.

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With the diagram on display use the diagram menu and “Find in Diagram” or use Ctrl-H

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Subject: [family-historian] FInding an individual on a diagram


Hi, I am a newbie to the use of family Historian v6 and must be doing something wrong as I cannot seem to find a way of searching the diagram for a particular individual. Could someone please tell me how to do this. 



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