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Lorna Craig

You can add a second set of parents for the child, using surname 'X' as you suggest, until you discover their names.  The relationship can be set to 'adopted' and you can use the standard Adoption event to record any known details and sources. Both sets of parents should be listed in reports, and when you produce a diagram you can choose which set of parents to display.  For more details see this page in the FHUG Knowledge Base:


On 02/04/2021 22:23, Neil Grantham via wrote:

Hi all

Something new to me (recording an adoption), and I'd like advise/suggestions on how to record it in FH.

My grandfathers younger sister married and had 2 daughters, the second 3 months after her husband passed away.

There is a record of a third daughter, born 3 years later, bearing her married name, and her maiden name on the GRO record.

Family have stated who the father was - a married man with a family of his own.

My great aunt then emigrated with her daughters to Canada, but did not take the third daughter, who was adopted by her neighbours (surname known).

I have yet to find this families names, and have a rough idea of where they live, so it is an ongoing investigation.

My query is how to properly record in FH so that reports might show her adoption. Happy to use Mr and Mrs 'X' for now if necessary for adoptive parents.

I have recorded the birth with the birth parents at the moment, using the status 'Never Married'

Best Wishes


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