Descendant outline report

Randy Dykhuis

I'm using the descendant outline report & plan to distribute to my family. I notice that it uses abbreviations for some events, e.g. "marr" for "married" and "div" for "divorced". I've figured out how to force the report to use the full word rather than the abbreviation by editing in the fact definition window. The report also uses "dau." for "daughter" and I can't seem to figure out where that comes from. Can that be edited, too?

There is also a mystery phrase in the report. It's from my niece's wedding but I can't figure out where that sentence is coming from. I've checked the option to include "Event/Attr Notes" but I cannot find this particular sentence in the Notes window or anywhere in the property box for my niece. Any ideas where it might be pulling from in the report? It's not really a problem but I am curious where it's stored in FH and why it's showing up here.

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