Re: Media (jpg images) showing as icon

Robert Jordan

Dear Inker

If I understand your problem correctly I have had the same issue. I have added an image to a source citation connected to a fact. However, in the fact, in the property box. no image icon appears against that fact.

If you highlight the fact and then click on the image icon at the bottom immediately under the list of facts a dialogue box will appear.. In the bottom right hand corner of the dialogue box are Check boxes to show Images from Source and/or image from Citation.

It seems FH occasionally gets it wrong and that dialogue box will be checked for Source images and not citation images. By checking the citation image in the dialogue box  you should now be able to see the image icon against the fact if you have added the image to the citation.

I think Calico Pie needs to look at this as it all seems to revolve around the new Citation box facility. The logic of editing a citation does seem a bit confusing as the steps one has to follow seem to be in the wrong order. which makes it easy to make a mistake.

In my opinion editing the Citation box should initially give you the option of editing the citation or the source. Having selected that everything else should follow That is any text, notes or images should relate to either the citation or the source. As it stands if one wishes to edit a citation to enter text and then an image one has to remember to go back to check the source/ Citation box  and that is easy to omit.

R A Jordan


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