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Adrian Bruce

The 3 Samuel Oldfield baptisms in Yorkshire each have a **different** origin - you need to check the bottom of the transcript and the image to see where it's come from. In summary, they all refer to the same event.

In detail for each FMP index / transcript:

1. "Yorkshire Baptisms" collection
First name(s) Sam'L
Last name Oldfield
Baptism place Coley, St John
Mother's first name(s) -
Father's first name(s) Tho's
Baptism date 07 Mar 1776
Church St John
Checked Y
Registry number -
Notes Coley Register missing - only shown in St John Halifax register
Transcriptions © Calderdale Family History Society

This is a transcript ONLY. Coley was a chapelry in the parish of Halifax. Judging by the note, as often happens, the chapel's baptisms were entered in both its own register (I assume) and in the parent parish register (St. John, Halifax). This is a transcript (it says) from the Halifax register.

2. "Yorkshire Baptisms" collection
First name(s) Samuel
Last name Oldfield
Baptism place Halifax
Mother's first name(s) -
Father's first name(s) Thomas
Baptism date 17 Mar 1775
Archive Borthwick Institute for Archives

This has both transcript and image. When you go to the image, you find that this is an image of the Bishop's Transcript. It appears to be the BTs of the Halifax register again (i.e. the parental parish register) with the Coley entries at the right, labelled thus. Samuel is 3rd last (important to note that) in the Coley entries - it just says

Mar. 17. Sam'l. [son of] Tho's Oldfield

This has been transcribed as 17 March 1775 - if you look carefully, that is wrong. Yes, the column is headed "1775 Bap'd at Coley" but the point is that, as with so many BTs of this era, the 12 months are NOT for one calendar year but for the church year which still started some time in March. (It might start 25 March, or it might start some time around Easter - I've not checked - or it might simply be 12m since the last copies were produced.) The point is that it starts 1775 at the top but slides round into January 1776 towards the bottom. It's not a difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars - that was 22y before, but it is a carry over from the old church year that drove the Julian calendar.

So the year should be 1776, as per item 1, and since 2 such baptisms 10d apart really is pushing it, both clearly refer to the same event.

3. "England Births & Baptisms 1538-1975"
First name(s) Samuel
Last name Oldfield
Baptism date 17 Mar 1776
Place Coley
County Yorkshire
Country England
Father's first name(s) Thomas
Father's last name Oldfield

This is a FamilySearch index. It doesn't make clear which register or BT this comes from - FamilySearch does have a 17 Mar 1776 baptism for Samuel taken from "film" 7588418, which is the Halifax BTs, so that's probably where this comes from. In other words, this is indexing the same image as #2 above, except FS got the date right!

Whether the Coley chapel register does exist for this date, I have no idea.

But that's the explanation for the different entries.


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