Re: Sources and linking media

Heather Williams

Sorry I didn't make it all clear and I didn't show all the steps. I will re-do the second set:
1. Open property box for individual and add a Fact e.g."Census".
2. With this new fact selected, use the ADD menu to create a source  and name it, for example, 1841 census Joe Bloggs so that it is not in the Lumped sources.
3. Complete the fields for this source (Title, Type, Short title).
4. Return to the Property box and select the new Fact.
5. In Source pane Add Citation and select the new source from the list of sources.
6. In the Property box select the original,  "old" 1841 census Fact. Copy any details and notes and Paste them in the new 1841 Fact.
7. In the Source pane of the old census Fact copy any details e.g. Where Within Source and paste them in the new Fact source pane.
8. In the Property box select the "old" Fact and Show Media and Unlink the Citation if there is one.
9. With the new Fact selected, Show Media and select Add media for the Source. Link to existing media.
10) Delete the "old" Fact.

I haven't as yet tried it for real, just in my copy file. I know it then shows the media in the Sources listed at the end of any reports but I haven't investigated what happens to any family members who were linked to the "old" Fact.
I hope this helps you understand my thinking even though it all seems a lengthy way of doing it.
Thanks again for persevering with this, Heather

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