Re: Sources and linking media

Heather Williams

Lorna and Mike
Back to going round in circles. I am now confused about adding media to a Fact rather than a Source. What happens if I do that? I appear to have already unknowingly done that sometimes as I have found a small list of  All Fact media. I can also find a list of All Source media, another one for All Individual Media and another for All Family Media. There is also a very tiny list of New Unlinked Media. I am beginning to wish I hadn't tried adding anything anywhere.

I do feel embarrassed at my inability to get to grips with this but perhaps if I tell you the basic processes I have followed you could understand where I am at. These are the steps I took:
1. Open property box for individual
2. Add Fact from dropdown list e.g.Census
3. Fill in details in fileds e.g. Date, Age etc.
4.In Source Pane click on Add Citation.
5. Choose from list of Sources in new window (or add new Citation). This list shows all my individual sources and also my lumped ones e.g. 1841 census.
6. In Where within Source type in census reference, and Text From Source or Notes if any.

This is the stage most of my lumped entries were at and I was ok with that until I got started on adding media. If I could get back to this stage I intend leaving all lumped sources alone as I think this is adequate for my purposes. I am happy to have a very basic tree for most of my records and the media I want to add is generally for direct lines which will interest other family members.

My original question was how to find a list of all the media I had added so that I could work my way through it and one by one amend the relevant records. Then came the vexed question on how I was going to do that because whatever method I tried I seemed to hit snags with reports or media showing on wrong records. I then still didn't understand the concept of lumped sources but I can assure I now do!

I came up with a possibly convoluted way to deal with the amendments and I would like to run that past you in case there is a glaring mistake in my thinking or an easier way.
1. Open Property box and using ADD menu create new Source for individual (not Lumped) e.g.Census. I do realise that duplicates this fact but I can then:
2. Copy the information from the original Fact for that census into the new Fact.
3. Attach the media to this individual only.
4. Delete the original census Fact.

I had tried this out on my copy file and it appeared to work. My next question was if I attached the media to the individual were the original links still in place or would I need to amend each of the linked individuals as well?

I do hope that makes sense and that you can answer it for me. Apologies if I am being obtuse.

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