Re: Import - multiple copes of media?

Victor Markham

Only 3 generations I have more than that!


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Hi Sally & Victor,

Project backups don't have to go to the hard drive do they? I send my back-ups to a USB stick by default. I keep 3 generations, so you can tell how old I am, as that is how I was taught on main-frames!!


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When you back up a project folder it is saved on your hard drive. The more timesyou back this up they are all saved and this fills ylour hard drive so I would delete the earlier back ups. I normally just keep one previopis back up


On 07/03/2021 9:11 am, Sally Lloyd wrote:
Thank you Mike, I must say your explanation really surprised me!   A couple more questions. When the Project is backed up will I get another copy of the media folder? If so it's going to quickly fill up my hard drive. If I imported my tree into another program and then used that to make the Gedcom file would that help?   I would really like to be able to see all the links to an image in one place. 
Like Heather I was thinking of changing from a citation lumper into a citation splitter but I'm beginning to wonder if it's just going to be too much work on top of trying to sort out the media problem and whether I should choose another program altogether. 

I'll certainly report to support, thanks for the link.
Thanks again for your help,

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