Re: Sources and linking media

Heather Williams

Thanks again for responding so promptly. I do think I have understood the difference between Citations and Sources, just not how to enter them the right way to give the results I want. When you say how to enter media through the source pane, that is exactly what I have done for many years, which is why I had never discovered the method of using the ADD button to enter a source. All photos have been added that way and I never had a problem with them connecting to other records but of course they were individual so automatically added by Splitter method.That is why I was surprised when my census images all went wrong but at that stage I hadn't realised it was because they were added to Lumped sources.

I was happy with the initial thought that if I worked my way through the recent additions of media to Sources and changed them to Citation it would all be ok but then I realised I had repetition on reports. Since then I have been going round in circles. I don't want to delete all lumped sources as that is a massive task and most of my lumped sources only have enough information for me to find the records. I just want to (1) unlink my wrong entries and (2) attach the media using Splitter method. That sounded straightforward to meĀ  or am I wrong?


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