Re: Sources and linking media

Heather Williams

Mike and Lorna

You are right Lorna, I am not 100% decided on methods and will now continue adding media to my tree using Method One but keeping most of the original existing records that have been entered using Method Two. I have 1079 citations for Baptism, Birth etc. and 2324 citations for Census records under Method 2 though not all by any means have images. I had only recently started on adding media other than photos and all I initially wanted to do was to work out how to rectify the records of the work I had done on adding them. I couldn’t easily understand how to find, let alone alter, the links I had made incorrectly. Up until now all my media had been of photos to which I had automatically given individual names.  I had no idea that in linking media such as certificate images to Sources, but under e.g. Birth (lumping method), I was making a complete hash of things and would later find certificate images on reports for people who were not even connected. It took a long time for the penny to drop that the last record using  “Birth” or other lumped sources would in fact show the latest added media which was from a totally different person. Let that be a warning to anyone else using Method Two.

My understanding of the two inputting methods had been sufficient for years with little census information in my Sources other than reference numbers so I could look up the certificate or census return on my computer. It was only when I considered what will happen with my eventual demise that I wanted to attach the images so that all information was available within the project. I am explaining this because I feel there must be others who could find themselves in these difficulties. Perhaps the Knowledge Base information on the two methods could point out that images should never be attached at all to citations for lumped sources. It is obvious when you are au fait with the ins and outs of all the intricacies of genealogy but I feel there must be people like me who enjoy being able to build a tree that is comprehensive and produces wonderful reports and diagrams but doesn't need you to be an archivist. Apologies to all archivists who know how to keep pristine records, I know that sounds very glib but as I have said before, this started as a hobby and a fascinating and very absorbing one at that.

To return to my dilemma, I am extremely grateful for all the help given here  as I felt in such a mess that I almost gave up altogether after sleepless nights with my brain trying to work out the way forward. Once I had played about a bit with my Copy project I tried various ways of sorting out my records but whatever I did seemed to have unintended consequences. Yesterday I finally worked out a procedure which I am hopeful will correct all my rogue links. I have written it down and will try it today step by step and look at reports and diagrams and check it works. I dare say there are easier ways to do this than I have devised but I have to do what I can get my head around.

Mike, thank you for confirming I am on the right track. I am happy that I have learnt how to do use FH better and I have understood more about plug-ins and have downloaded some. I did experiment with AS but to be honest I found it quite difficult to know exactly what to put in which fields and although I think it is great, it was time-consuming and I don’t feel I can take it on board. My tree might be simplistic but it is to pass on to my family and I will be happy if they can look at a chart, find someone they are interested in and see the records and the connected images. I have already compiled a few projects on individuals within my tree for various family members and I don’t think they are going to want to have a whole book of information on everyone that they might never read. With my records as I have them, there will be enough information for them to continue with any research if they are so inclined and I will have passed on what I have gleaned.

I am happy with the thought I can hopefully get myself back to where I was before I added any sources the wrong way. Fortunately I had kept a list of to which families I had added census and certificate source images so I will work my way through that and I will leave all the previous lumped entries as they are for the time being but not use that method any more. If I need to add sources to any of them in the future I will be able to rectify them then. It is just too daunting for me to cope with the idea of going through several hundred records and completely starting again.

 All your advice has been very helpful.


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