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Many thanks for all your comments/suggestions – I have a way forward




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My policy is to record the address and place as it was at the time of the fact. A good example is London. Up to 31st March 1889 London was just the "square mile" and many places were in their respective counties of Middlesex, Kent, Surrey etc. The County of London was formed of 1st April 1889 and continued until 31st March 1965 when Greater London was created.

I include in the place record notes field the dates that place was valid for and why it changed. As others have said, what ever you do be consistent.

David Wilkinson

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In many cases, place names in source documents change over time. In many cases, I have started out with one place name, only to change at a later time.

Example: Scott Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada is now Durham Region, Ontario, Canada as of January 1, 1974.


As well, many of the townships have been changed, amalgamated or dropped.


I have reviewed the guidance in  But geocoding may be problematic.


What do other FH7 users do to accommodate changing place names?







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