Re: Gedcom help

Mike C

TreeView is not alone in incorrectly implementing the GEDCOM standard. Reunion behaves similarly to TV in the subject under discussion.

Someone using Reunion v12.0 proof-read one of my FH gedcom files, and re-exported it to gedcom.
The original FH gedcom contained the likes of :
  0 @I1@ INDI
  1 NAME Richard /Arnold/
  1 NOTE Haberdasher on Ludgate Hill.

but the Reunion export appeared as :
  0 @I1@ INDI
  1 NAME Richard /Arnold/
  1 NOTE @N1@
  0 @N1@ NOTE
  1 CONT Haberdasher on Ludgate Hill.

So, Reunion has incorrectly converted a single-line Note into a multi-line Note, with the first line as <Blank>. Similar behaviour to TV.
Reunion has also converted the Note from being localised to Richard into a general Note linked to Richard. This has somewhat changed the meaning of Note.
When loaded back into FH, the Reunion gedcom now shows the Note on the Records>Notes tab and not in the Propertybox tab Main.Note for Richard.
This was a simple gedcom, only having Notes, but no other facts like OCCU, so I cannot comment on Reunion in respect of those.

Following this discovery, my son tested the freeware Gramps, and found that Gramps does likewise, converting local notes into general notes.
However, Gramps does export  the Note correctly as :
  0 @N0001@ NOTE Haberdasher on Ludgate Hill.


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