Re: Error children

Adrian Bruce

Shamefacedly - I'd forgotten that Date Warnings query was there. But be warned that neither the query nor the plug-in are built to cope with every possible circumstance. For instance, from possibly fallible memory, the checks on ages of parents don't distinguish between biological and step or adoptive parents where what's dubious for biological parents by date, can be perfectly fine for step-parents. 

I spent some time working with the plug-in and systematically checked each type of error, cleaning up quite a bit. After I had either cleaned up or effectively accepted all issues of that type, I then excluded that check from the plug-in's parameters and reran the checks. 

Please note that while it would be possible to upgrade the logic of the plug-in to cope with step and adoptive parents, that was just an example. In other cases, it's much more difficult to decide what the algorithm for checking ought to be, so please don't think that I'm criticising.

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