Re: Export Gedcom File - Place Tidy

Mike Tate


I’m not sure what you mean by “identifies similar places”.

Are you thinking of the Conflicting Place Record Names warning with ‘Result Set’ and ‘Acknowledge’ options?

If you choose the ‘Result Set’ option then it does list them.


The plugin removes blank comma-separated Place parts and ensures every comma is followed by a space.

That is essentially the same Place name tidying that FH performs in Diagrams and Reports.

If the Plugin exported GEDCOM includes Place records, and the tidied Place names of two records are the same, then it raises the warning.


So is it only a list of such conflicting Place record names that you are proposing would be useful?

Why not use the Result Set produced by the Export Gedcom File plugin?

I suspect a review of Tools > Work with Data > Places or the Records Window Places tab would soon spot such conflicts.


As a challenge, why not write the Plugin yourself?




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There is a routine in the plugin that identifies similar places and tidies them as part of the export.

Would it be possible to extract that routine to identify such places, but not correct them?

I feel that that would be a useful plugin in its own right.

Many thanks

FH v7

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