Re: Place Names Changing Over Time

Victor Markham

Whatever place name you use it needs to be consistent. If these have changed over time I would add a note about the change but keep the original name.

In Yorkshire one could put a place name say Scalby, Yorkshire, England. Problem her is there are 2 places in Yorkshire called Scalby. So it could be either Scalby, North Yorkshire or Scalby, East Yorkshire.

I would prefer to use township rather than twp. When it comes to places in Durham I alwaysa use County Durham as that is the full title for the county.

Whatever one does it is their choice but just make it consistent that is when the same place name is used use the same description.

I am not bothered about long/lat element


On 05/03/2021 10:57 am, Adrian Bruce wrote:
Just to be both pedantic and clear, if you have events at both Scott twp and Durham reg and you want to use the place name contemporary with the event (usually considered best practice), then you record events over time using both names. This will give you two place records (correctly). The place record for Scott twp then needs to have its Standardised name set to (the current value of) Durham reg. 

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