Re: Gedcom help

Mike Tate

Hi Helena,

There is a little confusion between the Occupation Fact and the Occupation Details but I understand now what you mean by empty.


TreeView is exporting the 1 OCCUpation fact but leaving out the ‘Details’ that should be on the same line. i.e. It is empty.

e.g. It should be like:

1 OCCU Doctor


Are there any other facts like that with ‘Details’ that are being omitted from the GEDCOM and need reporting to S&N?

Does it make any difference if such facts also have a value for Date, Place, Notes, etc?


FYI: In FH the Occupation shown on the Main tab is derived from the 1st Occupation fact listed on the Facts tab.

They are both the same entity. Most information on the Main tab is just a filtered view of details shown elsewhere.


I’m getting a bit confused about what data you have in TreeView, RootsMagic and FH.

Are you saying that RootsMagic does have the Occupation facts with their ‘Details’ included?

Does the merged RM & TV data in the FH Facts tab have both RM Occupations with ‘Details’ and similar TV Occupations but without ‘Details’?

If so, then it would be easy to delete all the TV Occupation facts without ‘Details’ in FH.

e.g. You could manually delete the empty Occupation for Thomas Bladon and then the RM Occupation Details will appear on the Main tab.

Does that sound like a solution? If so, then I can explain how to bulk delete all those empty Occupation facts.

The only caveat is that any Occupation ‘Details’ added in TV since December will get deleted and need adding manually.


The alternative is to wait and see if S&N can fix the GEDCOM export fault.




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