Re: Place Names Changing Over Time

Every place has a Standardized field. From the Help file:


“Auto-geocoding (see the Map Window to learn more about geocoding) is normally based on the Place field (see previous).  However, if the Standardized field is not blank, geocoding will be based on it instead.  Some historical names may not be recognised, or may be incorrectly geocoded.  In this situation, you can either simply specify the correct latitude and longitude yourself; or you can supply a modern, standardized name which will be correctly geocoded.”


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Subject: [family-historian] Place Names Changing Over Time


In many cases, place names in source documents change over time. In many cases, I have started out with one place name, only to change at a later time.

Example: Scott Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada is now Durham Region, Ontario, Canada as of January 1, 1974.


As well, many of the townships have been changed, amalgamated or dropped.


I have reviewed the guidance in  But geocoding may be problematic.


What do other FH7 users do to accommodate changing place names?




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