Re: Gedcom help

Mike Tate

Hi Helena,

That confirms what I thought, that TreeView is not exporting standard OCCUpation facts in the GEDCOM.

So you could try reporting that problem to their support team.


Use WordPad to inspect the GEDCOM again and find the entry for 1 NAME Thomas /Bladon/

After that, there should be entries for 1 SEX M, 1 BIRT, 1 BAPM, and 1 DEAT with 2 DATE and 2 PLAC fields.

Is there anything else near there that could represent his Occupation fact?


After importing the GEDCOM into an FH Project…

Are there any clues in the FH Windows > Log Files > Exception Report?

Are there any Unrecognised Data Fields (UDF) listed by the Tools > Uncategorised Data command?


Mike Tate


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