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Helena Coney

Hello Mike


When exporting from Tree View, there is not much to chose from compared to other programmes as per the box below



The only errors were missing links for photos which were not in Tree view.


I have just reviewed the Gedcom file in Wordpad and 1 OCCU is empty yet as you can see, there are clearly occupations entered



I even thought of transferring via Ancestry but again the same thing happens




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From: Mike Tate
Sent: 03 March 2021 18:27
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Gedcom help



FH is pretty good at importing whatever is in the GEDCOM file.

Since the Occupations were also missing via RootsMagic then my guess is that TreeView is not exporting some (or all) of them.

I presume you chose to ‘Include private facts’ in the TreeView Export GEDCOM dialogue.


Are there any clues in the FH Windows > Log Files > Exception Report?

Are there any Unrecognised Data Fields (UDF) from Tools > Uncategorised Data.


Do you know how to review a GEDCOM file?

Open it in a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad or WordPad.

Search for 1 OCCU which is the Occupation tag. Do you find any?


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Helena Coney via
Sent: 03 March 2021 14:40
Subject: [family-historian] Gedcom help


I have just upgraded to v7 after having a years break from FH.  I am trying to import my very large file of over 17000 people back into FH v7 from tree view (the software not online tree).  However the occupations have all vanished in the transfer.  everything else seems to be there - notes, 1939 census but not the occupation.  I then tried going tree view - roots magic to FH but the same thing happened. Can anyone help?  I don't fancy inputting over 1000 occupation's but want to start using FH after paying for the upgrade


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