Re: Can I vertically center text in a box?

Mike Tate

No, sorry, I don’t believe that is possible.


In my opinion, it would look somewhat untidy, because the name in each box may not always line up with the names in other boxes in the same generation (on the same row).

That is because for many Text Schemes different facts will appear for different people in different boxes.

If your Text Scheme always shows the same lines of data for every person, then try some of the Diagram > Layout & Scaling options that reduce the height of all boxes so the text fills the box and thus is central.


Make All Boxes the Same Height

Select all the boxes by dragging cursor around them and use Make Selected Boxes the Same Height (min)

You may have to reduce the height of at least one box to get them all to shrink.

That will require the Diagram > Enable Moving/Resizing command to open Movement Control Box that enables box ‘handles’ to drag box size.


Regards, Mike Tate



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Thanks so much for the quick response!

Actually, i meant to ask if one of the "individual"/person boxes can be centered.



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