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Edward Sneithe

Thanks to all for your responses.

I will need to think about those empty death facts before I even consider deleting them. Beside having unsourced facts I'm not sure of the additional impact of keeping or deleting them

In the mean time Mike the query you suggested works great and I can eliminate from the result set all those empty death facts and I can clean up any other facts that don't have sources.

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I am not familiar with Rootsmagic but from your description it seems to assume that if the checkbox for ‘Living’ is not checked it assumes the person has  definitely died.  That would be a false assumption because there must be many case where you don’t know whether or not someone is living.  How does it handle those cases?  Is the ‘Living’ checkbox simply checked or unchecked?  Or does it accept Y, N or empty?


Is Rootsmagic really is assuming that anyone not explicitly marked as living has died?  If so a lot of those empty death events should not be there at all. 


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Here are copies of two gedcom files I created in Rootsmagic. I am in the process of moving to FH but there is one glitch in FH that has been reported and passed to the developers that I need before completely moving. The first gedcom is one I created with a single person and there is a checkbox that indicates living or not.  Not sure about the terminology of a flag in this case. I am aware that "flags" do not transfer. The difference between the two files is just after the "3 ROLE Witness". If the living status is checked then there is nothing about a death. If I don't check the living box then there is an additional line "1 DEAT Y". This is probably what is causing the blank death fact in FH.


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