Import and created death

Edward Sneithe

I was intrigued by the topic on this site about facts without sources. I followed instructions and downloaded the correct query.

I was surprised to find I had many facts without sources.  Some were real but most were not. It turns out that the vast majority of those facts without sources were death facts that had absolutely no data in them.

I went back and examined by ged file but it was too voluminous to detect anything. I created a one person test file and that person was listed as not living and only one fact: a birth fact.

During the import into FH7 the death fact was manufactured by FH. It turns out that FH created a death fact based on the living flag. If the person was living then no death fact but if the flag said not living then FH manufactures a death fact.

This leads to many "errors" in the imported project. Is there any way to not have FH create a death fact in these cases?

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