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Mike Tate

It is perfectly feasible to record DNA results/matches in FH V6.

See the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Recording DNA Matches’:

That cross-refers to ‘Recording DNA Matches in Family Historian’:


Mike Tate


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Thank you for your very sensible thoughts which have made me consider what I actually want to achieve. While some family members are definitely interested in my findings, I am not sure that any of them would have the time or enthusiasm to continue with any research. I don't think I can tackle another upgrade anyway and therefore I plan on concentrating on v6 and sorting my sources and citations. One thing I was interested in doing was linking DNA results to my tree and I think that is possible in v7 but I will set up a named list of my DNA matches and see if I can think of how to show them within my tree.
As ever I am grateful for all help from the forum,

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