Re: Trimming My Family Tree In FH

Lorna Craig


FH offers to display the relationship either graphically or in report form, and I think it is constrained by whether it can display the relationship graphically in a standard diagram.  A link via a marriage can be displayed but the problem with your second example is that, according to FTM,  it involves not one but two links via marriages (a link via someone's sister-in-law and another link via someone's wife). In-laws of in-laws cannot be displayed in a standard FH diagram so the graphic display is not possible.  Unfortunately that means it doesn't produce the report either.

On 14/03/2020 21:07, Victor Markham wrote:

It doesn't always give me details but when it does it is excellent much better than FTM.

This is one example of when FH gives details complete with names

Compared to FTM

When FH doesn't give relationship details

FTM does even though it is not direct.

The above are examples. Pity FH doesn't give details

Anyway thanks for mentioning the how related tool


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