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Mike Tate


I forgot to explain how to find where Media and Sources are used.

In the Records Window on the Media tab or the Sources tab (or any other tab for that matter).

Select the record you want to investigate and use View > Record Links… to list where it is used.

You can then expand and investigate those parent records further to find exactly where used.

There are also Plugins such as Where Used Record Links that will give the same information more quickly and in more detail.

See the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Finding Where Records are Used’:




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In the Individual Media tab click the red X and choose to Unlink Only.

That disconnects the Media but keeps it so it can be linked elsewhere.


Then you can add them to Citations using Link to Existing Media Record.


You are correct that you have been using the ‘lumped’ technique.

If you are intending to add Media and perhaps other details to your Source Citations then it may be better to switch to the ‘splitter’ technique.

I think you will find it easier to manage now that you have discovered the Media tab on the Source records.


Many users find revisiting their information in this way is very worthwhile.

You may also want to investigate using Ancestral Sources to capture all this information from scratch and finally remove your ‘lumped’ sources.





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