Re: Sources and linking media

Heather Williams


After reading the various articles about sources, citations and media as previously suggested it is apparent that I have used the “lumped” source method and all the details I recorded on the individual records were actually citations.

I have to confess that I never understood the difference between sources and citations and I didn’t add them to my records in the way recommended in the articles. Until now I have never used the Add option and therefore had not seen the source record property box with its tabs including media. I might not have had this problem if I had done so. My method was to open a record and click on the Show Source scroll icon and then I clicked on the Add Citation button in the Source panel. This seemed to do what I needed but, as previously explained, I had no idea that was different from adding all the details to the source itself. In Facts if I was entering a census I would use the family option for the husband and wife and fill in the age, address and occupation and maybe make a note of anything unusual. I would then enter the reference details in the source panel. I then entered the census details for family members on their records and copied in the census reference using the Copy/Paste Citation buttons.

Any time I produced a report all the information and any photos were displayed correctly and that suited me fine. I did not feel the need to have every little detail recorded but all main facts were there. In wanting to pass my tree on to family members in the future I realised the census entries should be linked to the individual records so that they could be read if wanted. And that is when I came unstuck because I didn’t know I had to add them to the citations rather than sources. I have now learnt how to add media to citations but I still have a couple of questions.

The big one, obviously, is how do I delete my incorrect media entries that are showing on the wrong records? All the entries I recently made to attach media to the actual source records still show on each individual’s record, and the links also show on the relevant family records, so can I transfer them to the citations? In fact, is there a way of seeing a list of all the citations and what media I have already connected? Sorry if I am jumping the gun here.

Since writing this I have seen much discussion on this topic of citations versus sources; my thanks to all who have made suggestions on how to add them consistently. Some comments are rather academic and confusing, though, and if anything confirm to me why I got into difficulties in the first place. If I can just sort out the immediate muddle I am in I will happily continue with my tree. I look forward to hearing if you can help me. Many thanks for your time.

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