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Mike Tate

Helen, I agree with you. That is what I thought I said.

The concept of citations as statements is different from the ‘Citation’ database structure described in GEDCOM & FH.

The same word has two different interpretations and that is no doubt confusing until it is recognised.

The ESM & academic definition does not consider database elements, but the database elements still exist and are called Citations.


Or have I misunderstood your point? Are you saying ESM citations are the same as GEDCOM Citations?




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Mike, quite a lot of the genealogy world (also Historian and other academics) use ‘citation’ according to e.g. the ESM definition:


“Citations are statements in which we identify our source or sources for a particular assertion. In history, citations are typically written in a sentence and paragraph form...[snip] The term citation is obviously not synonymous with the term source, and the two should not be used interchangeably.”


i.e. it is not about particular database elements but about the outputs.



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The concepts of Source and Citation in GEDCOM FH terms are sometimes different from user’s perceived definitions of source and citation.

Your definition of a citation being a form of words of a reference is different from a GEDCOM FH Citation.

Your definition is more like a FH V7 template for a Footnote or Bibliography.

This kind of terminology translation is quite often necessary.


Mike Tate


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