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Kathy - I haven’t used the Custom ID as a Tab. I just used it as an item in the Main Tab of the Individual Property Box, just beneath the Name item, so I could keep a check on what people I have on FamilySearch (LDS).

If you go to Customize Property Box, then send the Custom ID item across to the Selected Items column, then move it up or down to where you want it. (I moved mine to just below the Name item). Having done that, I double clicked the Custom ID item, which let me edit the label. I changed it to LDS ID:.


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On Thursday, February 25, 2021, 18:34, Kathy Bergman <kathy@...> wrote:

Robert - I've been trying to do with with "Military."  I have found the Custom ID box, but when I choose a new tab, give it the name Military, it tells me:  "Only tabs that can be customized are listed" -- and none show up.  How did you get yours to create?  I must be missing an important step....

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