locked Re: Ancestry subscription discount


Ancestry have made the library edition available online which you can access with online access to your library services.


On 25/02/2021 12:12, Victor Markham via groups.io wrote:

I have used the library a number of times taking my lap top to save downloads. They have been closed since lock down started. Just need to see what happens when they reopen.


On 25/02/2021 10:05 am, Alsatia wrote:
An alternative is to use Ancestry from your local library.  Library membership is free and so is access to Ancestry which is available online with all the usual search facilties.  I use Libraries West which is a number of libraries with a central online link through which Ancestry provide what they call a library edition.  This covers worldwide but with the facilty to build your own family tree on the site.  You can however access other peoples trees.  Other areas may have a different deal.


On 24/02/2021 21:00, Sue Herrington wrote:
I've been using the discount for at least the last 3years. As Trevor says, make sure you are logged in.

Sue in Notts 

On Wed, 24 Feb 2021, 20:52 Paul Reeve, <pg.reevegroups@...> wrote:
Hmmm. It no longer seems to work as the subscriptions it has come up with today are for 1 month (£13.99) or 6 months - not 12 - £69.99. I'm sure it worked a couple of weeks ago as I made a diary note to deal with it (my sub expires next week).


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