locked Re: Ancestry subscription discount


An alternative is to use Ancestry from your local library.  Library membership is free and so is access to Ancestry which is available online with all the usual search facilties.  I use Libraries West which is a number of libraries with a central online link through which Ancestry provide what they call a library edition.  This covers worldwide but with the facilty to build your own family tree on the site.  You can however access other peoples trees.  Other areas may have a different deal.


On 24/02/2021 21:00, Sue Herrington wrote:
I've been using the discount for at least the last 3years. As Trevor says, make sure you are logged in.

Sue in Notts 

On Wed, 24 Feb 2021, 20:52 Paul Reeve, <pg.reevegroups@...> wrote:
Hmmm. It no longer seems to work as the subscriptions it has come up with today are for 1 month (£13.99) or 6 months - not 12 - £69.99. I'm sure it worked a couple of weeks ago as I made a diary note to deal with it (my sub expires next week).


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