Re: adding media to FH

Robert Jordan

Thanks to you all. I thought I'd been doing it all wrong!!



On Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 11:51, Lorna Craig via <> wrote:

Like you, I start by putting the image in the media folder of FH (actually I use sub-folders within the Media folder).  I keep the Media folder open so that I can then add the media very quickly to FH using the drag and drop method.  When you are adding the media to a whole record (Individual, Source, Place) you can simply drag and drop the media onto the Media tab of the record.  There is no need to click “insert from file” and select the image.


The only point of saving the image to a temporary folder first would be if you use the temporary folder to collect images which you don’t want to add immediately to FH.  This acts as a reminder that those images have not yet been linked to FH.  But when you do add them to FH you can move them to the Media folder and use the drag and drop method.




I have been using the following method to add media to FH

When I find an image I want to include I first save the image to the media subfolder of the FamilyHistory.fh_data folder within the project folder.
I then go into FH and locate the record I wish to attach the image to and the fact or source, I then add image. click "insert  from File" and then select the image.

I have been told that the way to do this should be to save the image file to say a temporary folder first and then go into FH to add the image from the temporary folder. The image in the temporary folder is then to be deleted as it would have been copied into the media subfolder in FH and the duplicate is unnecessary.


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