Re: Trimming My Family Tree In FH

Victor Markham

Thank you Lorna and Trevor

It doesn't always give me details but when it does it is excellent much better than FTM.

This is one example of when FH gives details complete with names

Compared to FTM

When FH doesn't give relationship details

FTM does even though it is not direct.

The above are examples. Pity FH doesn't give details

Anyway thanks for mentioning the how related tool


On 14/03/2020 10:22 am, Lorna Craig via Groups.Io wrote:

Trevor, the Relationship to Root column is a standard column in the Records Window.  There is no need to set it up as a customised column.  However the more remote relationships (for example via in-laws of in-laws) are not shown so it would not help with Victor’s more distant connections.


Victor, as Trevor has said, the How Related Tool does exactly what you want.  The results can be displayed either graphically or in report form, and if two people are connected in more than one way it can show up to 9 relationships.




From: Trevor Rix
Sent: 14 March 2020 08:52
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Trimming My Family Tree In FH



In Family Historian, have you tried using Tools menu > How Related ... ?

Also, in the Records Window it is useful to set up the customised column Relationship To Root.


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