Will tab from FHUG

Edward Sneithe

I read with interest the ability to customize the property Box with new tabs. I found on FHUG a Wills tab and this is what I found (All from the FHUG Download Type: Property Box Tabs):
Downloaded Enhanced Death and Burial Fact set
Downloaded Wills (property Box Tab)

Filling in the data I get the following:

Under facts:
Will facts Administrator ok
First executor no date
Value of estate no date
First occupation no date
Second executor no date
Probate fact ok
Beneficiaries are in the Notes Tab but do not show on a narrative report.

Why no dates on four facts? They all seem to track with the administrator fact but how with no dates? The sequence of facts may not be what is being created. A value may be created many months after the probate process has started. 

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