Re: Update to FH7 - lost my umlauts

Mike Tate

Hi Anne-Marie,

FH V5 uses ANSI character encoding that only supports a limited subset of accented characters.

FH V6 & V7 use full Unicode UTF-8 character encoding that supports all accented and foreign characters and symbols.

It would seem that the FH translation from ANSI to UTF-8 is not being performed correctly.

I suggest you report the problem to Calico Pie via their support ticket system:


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Anne-Marie R
Sent: 19 February 2021 05:05
Subject: [family-historian] Update to FH7 - lost my umlauts


Hi all,
I've just updated from V5 to V7 and found that all my accented etc European characters have been replaced by the generic character error symbol. I did replace V5 with a full V7 version,not the upgrade version. 
I've opened the before/after GEDCOM files with notepad++ to confirm that those characters have been lost in the actual file rather than a display problem.
I can retype in all those characters one-by-one but I'd rather not. Any suggestions?

This upgrade was done on my laptop copy as a test, which I admit is running on Win10 in VMWare on a Mac, but V5 was encoded OK. Any suggestions on how to prevent this happening when I update the main copy?

Thanks for any suggestions, Anne-Marie

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