Re: Possible Error Bug?

Jenny Cochrane

In answer to your first question, it's probably not a bug. It is one of several "alerts" that FH gives when you enter data that would be outside normal parameters. For example - a birth to a mother aged 60, or a "life" event with a date after the individual's death. If you re getting it when no spouse is recorded for the mother, double check the child's record to make sure no father is linked to the child (rather than spouse to the mother).

Re your second question, I'm not sure I entirely understand but I think you are saying that only the mother's married name was recorded on her son's birth cert? I don't know if this was usual, but it doesn't surprise me. You don't mention when this happened but people told all sorts of porkies or were "economical with the truth" when it came to illegitimacy or the registrar may simply have concluded that as the child was illegitimate, its mother had not been married.


On Friday, 19 February 2021, 08:29:17 GMT, Andrew Braid <jamesandrewbraid@...> wrote:

I have a complex family. The father died and the mother remarried, but before she remarried she had a child, I do not know who the father is. When I enter the child with no spouse for the mother I get a possible error message saying the death is more than 12 months after the father's death. Is this a bug?
As an aside the birth entry of the son does not give a maiden name for the mother as is normal with illegitimate births but as she was previously married she did have a maiden name, Is this usual practice?
Andrew Braid

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