Re: New download failure

Kathy Bergman <kathy@...>

Mike - it did not create a folder in my documents/family historian projects location. It didn't create any location.

I just received a response from FH and they told me to do this:  "I presume you are trying to create a new project in the "Project Window" (see window caption). Below the list of "Family Historian Projects" is a field labelled "Location". I'm guessing that this is pointing somewhere that doesn't exist, for some reason. Click on the "More Tasks" button. Then click on "Project List" and choose "Reset Location to Installation Default" or "Choose Location for Projects". If you opt for the latter, pick a suitable folder that you want your new project to be put into."

 So I used this advice along with Lorna's suggestions (which were the same - thank you Lorna).  It did work.  I'll try to create the project now and if I have further issues I will get back.  Thank you all so very much.


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