Re: Removing a downloaded property box tab

Mike Tate


Check the FHUG KB Download for the Property Box ‘Wills’ tab and it refers to the ‘Enhanced Death and Burial’ Fact Set.

The ‘Wills’ tab uses some of those custom facts rather than Fact Witnesses because they did not exist when it was designed.

It would be possible to redesign the ‘Wills’ tab to use Fact Witnesses but it is a bit complex and has some gotchas.

Firstly, it is not possible to identify which Fact Witnesses are Executors and which are Beneficiaries by checking their Role.

The Fact Witnesses would have to exist in a specific order to match the ‘Wills’ tab, so it is not really feasible. Sorry.

The same goes for Fact Witnesses on the Probate event.

Mike Tate


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