Re: Internet Data Matching problem

Mike Tate

FYI: The Edge browser is another external browser just like Firefox or Chrome.

Those browser apps have absolutely no impact on the Internet Explorer Shell used by FH.

However, Windows Updates that coincidentally update the Edge may also upset the Internet Explorer Shell and require the resets suggested.

Using the External Web Browser option is a useful workaround.

Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Jonathan Copeland
Sent: 14 March 2020 16:55
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Internet Data Matching problem


I believe something similar was asked a few days ago and there was an answer that suggested to me that Family Historian uses something akin to Internet Explorer as its built-in browser.  Settings were given that could be changed, but it all sounded a bit too fiddly to me ( I should say I was having the same issue as you).  I have recently installed the new version of Edge so suspect, but haven't checked, that the issue may well be related to the new Edge browser automatic settings, which is a Chrome based browser.

The alternative answer that was given was to change the settings in FamilyHistorian itself so as to open the data matches in an external browser.  I went for that option and it worked a treat.  It makes no odds to me whether I look at see the details of theses hints within FamilyHistorian or outside so I'm sticking with the changed settings.

You'll find the settings in Internet / Internet Data Matches then simply change the drop down for "Location to Display" to "External Web Browser".  A new tab will then open in your default browser, Chrome in my case.

Hopefully that's the answer to your question!



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