Re: Internet Data Matching problem

Jonathan Copeland

I believe something similar was asked a few days ago and there was an answer that suggested to me that Family Historian uses something akin to Internet Explorer as its built-in browser.  Settings were given that could be changed, but it all sounded a bit too fiddly to me ( I should say I was having the same issue as you).  I have recently installed the new version of Edge so suspect, but haven't checked, that the issue may well be related to the new Edge browser automatic settings, which is a Chrome based browser.
The alternative answer that was given was to change the settings in FamilyHistorian itself so as to open the data matches in an external browser.  I went for that option and it worked a treat.  It makes no odds to me whether I look at see the details of theses hints within FamilyHistorian or outside so I'm sticking with the changed settings.
You'll find the settings in Internet / Internet Data Matches then simply change the drop down for "Location to Display" to "External Web Browser".  A new tab will then open in your default browser, Chrome in my case.
Hopefully that's the answer to your question!

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On Sat, 14 Mar 2020 at 15:40, Robert Flood via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I seem to have a problem with Internet Data Matching. I have matching enabled with Find my Past and in the Focus Window I can clearly see a roundel with a green figure in each person's entry. However when I click on the link the Web Search Window opens and is completely empty except for the address in the bar. I cannot find any way of checking the link and the information at does not seem to cover this. What am I doing wrong? Apologies if I should have posted this on FHUG, not sure what should go where.

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