Re: New download failure

Lorna Craig

If you are starting from scratch FH will try to create your new project in the default location.  To quote from the Help files:

"By default, this folder will be "Family Historian Projects" in the default Windows location for user documents.  However, you can change this location to whatever you want. To do so, click on the location text as a link. A menu appears with 2 options: Choose Location and Reset Location to Installation Default.
Alternatively, you can also change the location by clicking on the More Tasks... button, and then clicking on Choose Location for Projects on the Project List submenu that appears."

Is there any reason why FH couldn't find your Documents folder? 


On 17/02/2021 16:54, Kathy Bergman wrote:

Hello, I just downloaded FH7.  I went to create my first project in the Project Window.  I clicked "New Project" and this came up:  "The location for the new project does not exist and cannot be created." 

I am fairly certain we downloaded the project properly.  My husband formerly worked for IBm, so he is not ignorant of these things.  

Help, please?   I was so anxious to start my project!  Thank you!


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