Re: Plugin - Files in media folder and not linked to project

Mike Tate

In FH, open the Media Window or in the Records Window open the Media tab.

What they list are the Media records in the FH GEDCOM file.

The ‘File’ column shows the links to each Media file itself.

If those files are within the Project Media folder then they all start with Media\ and are followed by any subfolder and lastly the file name & type.

e.g. Media\xxx.jpg or Media\Photo\abc.jpg


That is only the final part of the file path relative to the Project folder.

The rest depends on where the Project folder is located but in your case is:

C:\Users\james\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Pam family\Pam family.fh_data\


So the full file path that would be seen in Windows File Explorer or an image Editor/Player is the combination of those two parts:

C:\Users\james\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Pam family\Pam family.fh_data\Media\xxx.jpg


The full file path is also what is listed by the ‘Check for Unlinked Media’ plugin.

But every path it lists is NOT found in any Media record ‘File’ link described above.


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