Re: Word limit in note window

Edward Sneithe

I too am using notes to input extensive data but I have not yet reached that limit. Just out of curiosity you say 5,000 words but how many characters is that? If you are using big words with spaces and punctuation you may be hitting an addressing limit. 

We are all familiar with the 32k vs 64k systems at least by name. If FH may still be bound by the 32k limit in some places then that may be the limit that is being imposed. If I take 5000 words and add spaces and punctuation I come very close to the 32k addressing limit. 

If FH is trying to accommodate older systems then the 32k may stand for awhile. Other users have provided some unique ways to get around a limit like this and I will certainly keep them in mind if I hit this limit.

Also the amount of space is not limited to just characters, spaces and punctuation. Formatting also takes space so you may not see a hard limit of 5000 words or 32k codepoints that make up the 32k addressing limit. My point is the number words or characters may be flexible depending on what you have entered.

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You didn’t say, but I guess you are talking about Note records listed in the Records Window on the Notes tab.

For the time being, you will have to start a new Note record for each section/chapter/generation that exceeds 5,000 words.



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