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Victor Markham

Narrative reports saved as a word document can be edited to suite how you want it. I tend to edit it with mainly with cencus images. I use AS and add the images vertically. When I do a narrative report I increas the size of the images to cove the whole A4 page so they could be read. I do the same with other images like BMD's

I have also done an individual narrative report for one person. This is available by thre method I mentioned before. It gives you the choice of ancestors, descendants and individual.

I did an individual report a couple of days ago and sent it to a cousin who corrected me on one name. Imlisted the name as her sister when in fact it was her husbands sister


On 15/02/2021 1:14 pm, Jenny Cochrane via wrote:
Thanks Victor,

Though I do use the inbuilt narrative (and other) reports, they are necessarily formulaic and from time to time I want to write something more interpretive and analytical. I'm currently looking at how 6 siblings, all legatees of their uncle (the court case spent decades in Chancery) ended up in very different situations. 

I think I will just do a separate note for each of the siblings and their descendants with linked intro and conclusion.


On Monday, 15 February 2021, 12:47:44 GMT, Victor Markham via <victor@...> wrote:


Instead of writing narative reports have you tried 'view' on the tool bar then prtompt 'publish' and chose from the list. FG will then generate a narrative report.

Or is that kind of report you are not seeking


On 15/02/2021 11:25 am, Jenny Cochrane via wrote:
Since upgrading to FH7 I've been using the note window extensively as I find it very useful being able to have the property box or other window open whilst I type a not. However, I've got to about 5000 words and can't input further unless I delete a few words. 

Is this limit intended? Can I change it?

I realise most notes are not this length but I'm typing up a narrative story on one family branch. I can always split the note or go back to using Word but would prefer not to.

Any suggestions?



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