Re: Sudden closures

Pauline Parnell

Thanks Phil. I’ve been seeing the same thing but hadn’t joined the dots. 

On Sat, 14 Mar 2020 at 17:08, Phil Young <phil@...> wrote:
I have experienced this problem occasionally.
It only occurs for me when:
  1. the embedded IE web browser window is open,
  2. I have reviewed quite a few Internet data matches (say 50 or more) since last opening FH,
  3. opening of new pages / results seems to slow up and then it crashes
At the time it crashes I am not aware of having requested anything unusual or different.
When I re-open FH everything works fine (until the next time).
I just wonder whether there is a memory leak somewhere?
Just a thought, I have no evidence to support it.
Regards, Phil Young

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