Re: Migrating to a new laptop

Neil Grantham

I’d tend to agree.
Get your existing setup back on the laptop using the recommended method posted by Mike earlier which will capture all your settings etc.

Once you are sure it is all correct then do your update.
Read up on it first so you are ready.

Best Wishes

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From: Julia Vokes
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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Migrating to a new laptop

Personally I’d do the new laptop first and keep the program you are familiar with.  But which ever route you decide to use, it’s essential to make a complete back up of everything.  When I last changed computers I actually made two backups of everything on two separate devices, external hard drives, as I would have been deviated if anything had been lost.  Bit belt and braces, but better safe than sorry!!


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Hi everybody,
Is it best to upgrade to FH7 before migrating to a new laptop - or to migrate to a new laptop and then upgrade to FH7?
Any advice will be much appreciated

Neil Grantham
Using FH 7 & AS 7
Researching Grantham, Skuce, Barrow, Birchall.

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