Re: Plugin - Files in media folder and not linked to project

Mike Tate


The Plugin is unlikely to be mistaken.

The Plugin says C:\Users\james\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Pam family\Pam family.fh_data\Media\xxx.jpg is not linked to a Media record.

You say it is, but does the Media record File Link: Media\xxx.jpg exactly match the file name in the Plugin report?

Please double-check. The filenames or folders may be similar but there must be something different.



C:\Users\james\Documents\Family Historian Projects\ is the Location where you Projects are saved by FH.

\Pam family\Pam family.fh_data\Media is your Pam family project folder and data subfolder where Media files are saved.

They are all just standard Windows folders and files.



Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of James Pam
Sent: 14 February 2021 12:44
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Plugin - Files in media folder and not linked to project


Thank you Adrian that helps me improve my understanding.

 but I still don’t understand why, when I check in a person’s property box/media I find the image that the plugin tells me is not linked to the project!

As you say the plugin:

‘ looks in the Project's media folder and checks whether the file (file in the Windows sense) has been linked to a Media Record in FH or not.

When I save images I follow the default route and save in the project not on my hard drive.

In the plugin report, the file structure is:

C:\Users\james\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Pam family\Pam family.fh_data\media\xxxjpg

I have a feeling that what I am exposing is a basic ignorance about file structures!

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