Re: FH7 and One-name Studies



Thanks very much for that - it works a treat!

I was able to append the Pool to the Name in the Property Box, so it now reads : "Individual: Robert LUND ID: [1] Pool: [1]" - Awesome!

Ditto for Diagrams!

Many thanks,


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In a Diagram on the Text tab Clone… a Text Scheme and Edit the custom copy so a Used Item includes Pool =RelationPool()

It could even be appended to the Name item.


In a Property Box, I’ve realised it cannot be added to the Main tab but can appear in the Caption at the top.

Use its cog Menu > Options… click the Captions… button and in the Individual expression append Pool =RelationPool() after the Name.




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I thank you for your advice. I have managed to use the =RelationPool() function as a column in the Records view, and that is extremely useful.


However, I'm struggling to find how to include the function into the Diagrams and Property Box - the Property Box being the priority for me.


Any help appreciated?



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