Re: Migrating to a new laptop

Mike Tate


I presume you are not planning to keep the two laptops running in parallel in the long term.

In that case, make full backups of your Projects and all your custom settings.

Use the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings plugin.

These are important for two reasons: 1) to migrate to the new PC; 2) In case you wish to revert to FH V6.


It is best to keep FH V6 running on your old laptop and also install FH V6 on the new laptop.

Then you can migrate the Projects and custom settings to the new laptop.

See the FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Family Historian V5 & V6 Migration Guide:


Then you can upgrade the new laptop to FH V7, but keep FH V6 on the old laptop for a while.


The alternative is to upgrade to FH V7 on both laptops, and perform similar backups as above but taking care not to overwrite the FH V6 backups.

Then migrate using the same Migration Guide which will also apply to FH V7.


What is NOT recommended is to upgrade to FH V7 on the new laptop and migrate the FH V6 backups.

The files are too different, especially for the custom settings.


Mike Tate

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