Re: Mystery

Geoffrey Knott

If an unbaptised person died it was thought that he/she would not be received into heaven: so if a newborn or unbaptised child was thought to be unlikely to survive, a fairly common practice was for a baptism to be arranged at the home. This would usually, but not always, be indicated in the register by a 'P' or 'half-baptised'. If the child subsequently survived, a full church baptism would be held, again usually, but not always, marked in the register as 'received into the church'.

Hopr this helps.


On 13/02/2021 20:32, james o'kelly wrote:
Not a technical problem, but a record source, I have come across two records of christening for the same person on two different occasions, one in 1813 and another in 1814, has anyone else found this?, and how can this be? would appreciate any input, I believe they are at the same church,

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